[REF]{BIBLE} Galaxy S 4G (12/25/11) <10:00pm cst>


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[REF]{BIBLE} Galaxy S 4G (12/25/11) <10:00pm cst>



People that are new to xda please take the time to read this [X].
Mr. Clown has a great reference thread here [X] that should be read by all.
And of course the great new video> [X]

OK, enough with the formalities, let's get to the good stuff. We are slowly starting to grow here in the SGS4G forum and I just wanted to get a thread gowing so we can keep on top of it before this place blows up... I hope. Mr. Clown has done an awesome job thus far, but has a lot of responsibilities other than just letting us know the latest and greatest available. So this will be a community project to keep ourselves up-to-date. Please let me know of anything I am missing, or any new stuff as it becomes available.

No one here is responsible for what you do there!


[ROM][CWM] T959VUVKD1 - Deodexed FIXED [6/9/2011]-drhonk

[rom][cwm] rommmmmit beta 1 (6.9.11)-robbbbit

[ROM] Trigger GS4G 0.4 » 6/11/11-birgertime

[ROM] Bionix Frost SGS4G * Team Whiskey Dev Team [6/11/2011]-drhonk/teamwhiskey

[ROM][CWM] VOMMMMIT - TEMPLATE ROM - Clean, Basic & Stable. [6.14.2011]-robbbbit

[ROM][CWM][Gingerbread 2.3.3] Deodexed T959VUVKF1 [Root + Busybox][EDT][6.17.2011] -Whitehawkx

[ROM]SGS4G-Bionix Black Ice - Public Test - 06/19/2011-krylon360

[ROM] Black Ice - Stable.2 06/22/2011-krylon360

[ROM][CWM] Stock Deodexed Gingerbread KF2 [Root] [6/26]-corradokng

[Rom]{CwM} Team (ACID) Beautiful SGS4G-


*UPDATED*[rom]*new**official* icbinb kj6 modded camera and camcording ablilities 12-5-11-dsexton702

[Rom CwMTeam Acid] Audiophile:Frayo The Bump in your trunk or the... updated 7/28/11-]RaverX3X]& dsexton702 & OTHERS FROM team acid

ROM kg4 ext4 working on all partitions-dsexton702

[ROM] DEBLOATED KG6 & KH1 with CWM, Build v7 TESTING REQUIRED-danstheman7

[ROM]ICBINB GB kg4 edition-dsexton702

[Cwm]{ROM}Audiophile Series: Redux: v1.3.3 out now :P-RaverX3X

Team Acid GB2.3.4-Audiophile FTW Edition version 1 kh2 build sept 2 2011-RaverX3X

[rom]icbinb kh1 2.3.4 LINK UP-dsexton702

[ROM-Leak][CWM] Gingerbread 2.3.4 T959VUVKH1 Deodexed-chadster214

[ROM]ICBINB GB 2.3.4 kg6 v2 NEW-dsexton702

[ROM] Valhalla Final [KJ6 Based][Happy Holidays][12.12.2011] -Whitehawkx

[ROM][[CWM][Swave Miui][2.3.5][IN BETA!][21-SEPT-11]-atoore

[rom] icbinb KI3 1.3 ALL UPDATES NOW IN 1-dsexton702

{rom}cwm-audiophileX-All your Roms Belong to Us :P-RaverX3X

{rom}Cwm-GB-2.3.5-Octane-V2.x so fn smooth its shaowgun approved!!!-RaverX3X

{rom}Cwm-GB-2.3.6-Octane-V3.0 XPLOD NO CIQ EDITION 12-10-11 now with power menu mod-RaverX3X


[12/7][ROM][CWM][2.3.6]SimplySimple v1.0 Debloated and Stripped (beta1.5 second post)-Somairotevoli


*NEW*LINK UP[ROM][CWM] updated 12/23/2011 | AOSP Style 2.1 | KJ6}-airfluip1

*NEW*Vahalla-BlackEdition-2.3.6-CWM-patched 12 23 2011-RaverX3X

*NEW*[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1380331"][KERNEL][UVKJ6][BETA3] Subtly Modified Stock with CWM5 + Voodoo Lagfix [12/19/2011][/URL]-bhundven

*NEW*Vahalla-BlackEdition-2.3.6-CWM-patched 12 23 2011-RaverX3X


[ROM][ODIN][LEAK] T959VUVKF2 - Galaxy S 4G Bootloaders Removed-Thanks to fknfocused for bringing it over from krylon360

[ROM][ODIN] Stock DEODEXED KC1 [Root][Einherjar Dev Team][4.21.2011]-Whitehawkx

[ROM][ODIN] Stock DEODEXED KD1 [Root][EDT][5.4.2011]-Whitehawkx

*WARNING*>>>[ROM] Gingerbread for odin 6/15/2011-penguin0609

Updated withKC1, to fix GB bootloaders.Gb Stock Rom Recooked-RaverX3X

[Rom][ODIN] Stock Gingerbread 2.3.3 Deodexed + Root KF2 [6/28]-corradokng

[ROM-Leak][ODIN] Gingerbread 2.3.4 T959VUVKG4-chadster214


[ROM] Heimdall Only version of Gingerbread/KF1 with Root -sgyee

[UVKF1] Back-To-Stock Heimdall One-Click-AdamOutler

*NEW*[Heimdall][One-Click][UVKJ6] The KJ6 Heimdall One-Click Collection [12/07/2011]-bhundven


[KERNEL] Bali v3.3 [EXT4 Voodoo Lagfix] * Team Whiskey [7/8/2011]-drhonk

[KERNEL] KD1 Deodexed Kernel Only - CWM Flashable-sgyee

[KERNEL] KC1 Deodexed Kernel Only - CWM Flashable-sgyee

[Kernel]T959VUVKB5 + Bootanimation Support-krylon360

[kernel][cwm] kb5 custom - allows bootanimation.zip (6.10.11)-robbbbit

[Kernel][GB] Stock Kernel + CWM + Voodoo EXT4 Lagfix-drhonk

*NEW*[KERNEL][UVKJ6][BETA2c] Subtly Modified Stock with CWM + Voodoo Lagfix [12/10/2011]-bhundven


[KD1] Trigger Theme-birgertime

[UPDATED][6/13/11][v9.4][MOD][THEME][AERODKNG DEV TEAM]Gingerbread Theme-airfluip1

[mod][theme] blue gingerbread (5.25.11)-robbbbit

[MOD][THEME] Basic Black (5.24.11)-robbbbit

[APP]Black & Green Themed Miui Music ... Amazinq? Hell Yeah..-bosina

Trigger theme on bionix-birgertime-Eric-1987 (for pulling the files needed to make this happen)

Blue Theme for KF2-chris....


GB Theme-jdubb1106

[UPDATED 7/29/11/Beta "3"][MOD][THEME]Version X GB THEME for KG4 AERODKNG-airfluip1

{UPDATED}*[THEME][KG6]e6x3 dark sneak peak -Somairotevoli

[THEME] [CWM] KG6 FEELING BLUE - Overscroll Glow-with CRT off. UPDATED 8/11.-shotchacokov

[Theme_kh1] ver.2 Ghost of Sparta-

{UPDATx13 9/25}[THEME][CWM][KI1][AudiophileFTW][Valhalla1.2][KH1]e6x3 darkerchrome-Somairotevoli

STABLE V1.1 [UPDATED 9/27/11] GBTHEME XI VALHALLA 1.2 edition!-airfluip1

*NEW*[Theme-ValhallaKH2] Gingergreen_updated-GDofWR420

*NEW*[Theme] Ice Cream Sandwich Theme [Valhalla | Octane | KJ6] [READ OP!]-theexel

*NEW*[Theme]Octane/Valhalla Blue/Trans (Val Final and Octane v3 Added!)-tehgyb


[RECOVERY]CWM FINAL for the SGS4G-krylon360

[UTIL] One Click Fota Fix by Matt Henry-matthenry87

[MOD]Creating EXT4 Partition for sgs4g-Posted by dsexton702-credit to wizardslovak

This is a i9000 MOD. Most have good results, just use care when venturing outside the SGS4G forums.[MOD] FuguTweaks-nikademus-de1packers(for bringing it to our attn)

[MOD]UPDATE:6-14-11 Ladies and Gentlemen i bring you SGS4g EXT4 -dsexton702-credit to Rodderik

[MOD] init.d Tweaks-dsexton702

[mod]whos ready for gb rom root???-dsexton702

[MOD] FUGU Files from KF1-xaocon

[NEW MOD] 2000 quad scores stock+ 28mflops!!!!!-dsexton702

[Tweak] Juwes RAM script-Bl4ckpheniX

MOD Build.Prop for Devs-dsexton702

[MOD]EXT4 optimization UPDATE 8-7-11-dsexton702

KH1 Fugu Tweaks

[TWEAK] Adrenaline Shotv12/ Universal Adrenaline Shotv13/Mod Build.prop-dsexton702

Lightning Zap Tweak-thomas.raines

Stock deodexed browser fix [kj6]-error666

[CWM] SGS4G KJ6 Debloater-FBis251

CWM][SCRIPTS][TWEAKS] ThunderBolt! v2.1.7 - 12/7/11 [Graphics Tweak Separated!]-pikachu01

[ODIN+CWM] GB Ext4 Starter Pack (Nov 24)-FBis251


[MOD]Original Galaxy S Boot & shutdown animation-robbbbit

Transparent Notification Bar and Status Bar-lenny hodapp

[MOD] [UPDATE 5/20] Accurate Battery - CWM Flashable - Team AERODKNG-corradokng

[MOD] UPDATE {KC1&KD1}Battery and More HoneyComb-Bl4ckpheniX

[MOD][LAUNCHER] TouchWiz 4.0 from SGSII [EDT][5.11.2011]-Whitehawkx

[MOD][Dialer] Xtreme Dialer v3-reposted by fknfocused-OG dev-xtremekilla09

[mod][launcher] Modified TouchWiz Launcher (ALL ROMS)-robbbbit

[MOD][PORT] (6)Lockscreens + Power Menu + Clock Options for KD1 [EDIT 6/13]*-corradokng

LockKD1 Mod With Steel Blue Theme * updated 6/27 *-lenny hodapp/corradokng

Bionix Black Ice Battery and Volume Mod-lenny hodapp

(7-16-11)sports Gingerbread themes three down!-jriv

Custom Themed Dialer Pads (With a how to do it Youself)-lenny hodapp

[MOD] Galaxy SII (S2) Boot animations-joedeveloper

[CWM][MOD] Gingerbread Media Scanner "SD card" Icon fix-chadster214

[mod] Overscroll for KH1-airfluip1

Stock Battery W/ % for ICBINB GB-wrecless

MOD.. I9000 boot.qmg-champ1919

Hebrew RTL support-Found By-fish72

Transparent dialer for Valhalla 1.1/1.2 and Audiophile FTW-Somairotevoli

[Mod] Audiophile Dialers - Updated Aug. 21st, 2011-droidmyst


TW Launcher 4.5-Fr4gg0r

Chainfire 3d and all the plugins for THD games

Modified apps (Google+ Added) Added new black themed market.-lenny hodapp alogcat-Jeffrey Blattman

Fede's music app (wp7 styled music app from the maker of launcherpro)-posted by,Success100/Dev'd by,?

New android market 2011-posted by,honer_d@hotmail.com

[APP] SGSII Camera!!! UPDATED Links UP -brandond15

[THEME][CWM] Team ACID presents BLACK GOLD v0.5-joedeveloper

*NEW*[APP / VIDEO] Widget Picker-s15274n


Modems [KB5,KC1,KD1]-dsexton702 Made flashable by-mad_fitter!

[MODEM][CWM] KG4 Modem -chadster214

[Odin/CWM] Modems (Aug 11, added CWM modems and KH1)-


[MODEM][ODIN][CWM] KH1 Modem Leak-crackpot


[GUIDE] Noobs guide to Odin to flash your SGS4G (Windows)-pixelbrain

[REF] How to unlock SGS 4G or Vibrant 4G (yes it is free) [Updated 5-2-11]-dagentooboy

[GUIDE] Porting Vibrant Roms To SGS4G-robbbbit

[Guide] How to get into Download Mode-golmar88

[Tutorial] How To Root Galaxy S 4G & Deleting Fota Files-moshe22

HowTo overclock to 1.3Ghz (Samsung Galaxy S 4G)-rafarataneneces

Make your own theme with uot kitchen-fatherof4

1.5 oc stable!!!-dsexton702

[Guide] *NOOB's* guide to flashing >-mad_fitter

[GUIDE]Restoring apps+data for noobs with CWM-GDofWR420

[ref]how to flash using heimdall windows-airfluip1

::boot animations::shut down animations::tutorials for both::-Bl4ckpheniX

TW Launcher 4.5-Fr4gg0r

[TUT][HOW TO] Netflix On Galaxy S 4G + Problems Encountered-iTzAlienX

[Guide] Installing Fedora 12 on SGS4G-N4melessS0ldier

[GUIDE] CONVERTING EXT4 ON gingerbread NEW!!! 8-10-11-dsexton702

Ne1 who has problem with SD card or Ext4 partition Conversion, Please read this...-

Tekken Lord

(heimdall)-Advanced-How to debrick hard bricks with no jtag-RaverX3X

[ODIN/CWM] GB Ext4 Starter Pack (Aug 18)-FBis251

[TUT] [ACID] How to create overscroll (advanced)-joedeveloper

The T959v Development Platform, AKA UnBrickable Mod and Software Based Resurrection-AdamOutler

*NEW*[REF] How to unlock SGS 4G or Vibrant 4G (IMEI Problems fixed)[Updated 11-19-11]-dagentooboy

[REF][ROOT] Easy Rooting Toolkit [v3.0](zergRush Exploit)-bhundven

.PIT file-s1_odin_4G_Sedy.rar-Found by-u170who

32bit SGS USB driver

64bit SGS USB driver

Odin 1.7


Superoneclick 1.7-

OG Thread-CLShortFuse


[UPDATE][App Chat]Guide to useful Apps for SGS4G 6-24-11-fknfocused

Boot animation-de1packers

Some wallpapers for black ice.-ps3hacker

[REF]{Definitions} Andorid & SGS4G specific -golmar88

I am trying to make it a little more user friendly as I try to catch up with the updates. Any suggestions are welcome.

Also I deleted somebodys theme by accident and I don't know whos it was. If anyone notices a theme missing let me know.

This is a work in progress. I will be adding to it as I go. Please let me know if I have failed to give proper credit where credit is do.

Huge Thanks to: (In no particular order)
Krylon360-"The Godfather"
drhonk-"The Mad Scientist"
Whitehawkx-"The Savior"
Birgertime-"Mr. Miyagi"
robbbbit-"The Hard Workin' Man"
corradokng-"Mr. Fixit"
mad_fitter-"The Goods"
GDofWR420-"Sir Tokesalot"
Bl4ckpheniX-"The Gunslinger
chadster214-"Dr. Danger"
fknfocused-"The Enforcer"
de1packers-"Mr. Titletown"
lenny hodapp-"Mr. Skinnit"
RaverX3X-"Mr. RockoutwithmyRomout"
FBis251-"The OG FB"

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Right on man

this is the best read around')

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Wondering when this thread was going to go up..it should be a sticky

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AGREED this needs to be a sticky!!!!!!

Originally Posted by de1packers
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Wondering when this thread was going to go up..it should be a sticky

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Sticky sticky sticky!

Thanks golmar88!!!

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This deserves a sticky....just sayin

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good to see that your idea was accomplished golmar88

if you need any assistance feel free to ask
also you might want to add this to it, i might end up buying an entire domain for it soon


Thanks for this bible

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Originally Posted by mad_fitter
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This deserves a sticky....just sayin

sent from the pits of hell (from an sgs4g)

my thoughts exactly

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It's on the rollup sticky

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Originally Posted by Mr. Clown
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It's on the rollup sticky

Feelin' that Mr. Clown love lol. And big thanks for this SGS4G bible Golmar88! Great idea...

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