[P920/RECOVERY/ICS][11-11-2012] CWM/TWRP for wkPark's alternate uboot


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[P920/RECOVERY/ICS][11-11-2012] CWM/TWRP for wkPark's alternate uboot

RECOVERY IMAGE for SU760 ICS leak build for P920

This is all based on wkpark's thread here but focused only for p920.

ClockWorkMod( and TWRP( images as flashable images, to be used after you installed WKPark's alternate bootloader using his root signature. then we get full recovery back working on top of ICS.


Instructions on how to install the recovery.

  1. Download wkparks fastboot loader from here
    and extract contents into a temp folder.
    • 1a. follow his instructions on how to install device drivers then goto step 2 or
    • 1b.
      • remove battery, attach usbcable between pc and mobile.
      • Install the omap4430 driver, when you see a device appearing in "devicemanager" named omap4430,
      • rightclick on it and install driver from the 7z download and look in folder usb_drv_windows for the device driver.
      • remember to be fast to rightclick as it wil disappear and re-appear often until driver is installed.
    • 1c. pc will find and install driver at next mobile restart (which is some seconds after.
  2. Download the modified x-loader.bin,u-boot.bin,boot.img from this post and extract content into the temp folder from step1 and put files into the files directory found there.
  3. extract attached p920-2-twrp.zip to the files folder you find in your files directory in the temp folder
  4. extract attached p920-3-cwm.zip to the files folder you find in your files directory in the temp folder
  5. remove battery and disconnect usb cable from mobile.
  6. enter the temp you extracted to at step1, and run start_fastboot and select "2" in the menu shown in the commandline console.
  7. attach usb cable
  8. wait for the "start_fastboot to show alot of details and show booting 2ndboot.
  9. attach battery when the 2ndboot information shows
  10. fastboot v0.5 should be shown with a grey LG logo on your mobile now. , if not, go back and follow steps again.
  11. at this stage, it can happen that "fastboot" driver for "LG Cosmo" device is installing but cannot find a driver, so you need to update driver through device manager, and point to the drivers, where the omap4430 driver was located too and update it.
  12. Now its time to flash to new files run the 3 commands (one by one, do not try to copy/paste all 3 lines) shown just below as shown.
  13. execute: fastboot flash x-loader files\x-loader.bin
  14. execute: fastboot flash u-boot files\u-boot.bin
  15. execute: fastboot flash boot files\boot.img
  16. Lastly time to flash your recovery,
    • execute: fastboot flash recovery files\cwm.img
    • execute: fastboot flash recovery files\twrp.img
  17. you cannot flash both images, as its not possible to have both recoveries installed.



You can always boot into recovery by holding 3D-BUTTON + VOL-UP down while pressing power-button to turn on mobile (without any cables attached to pc or power).



- If you do happen to get a bootloop it has been mentioned now, that it can happen if you copy/paster fastboot commands into the commandline shell.
these steps do NOT change anything of your system or data. it is only the bootloaders and boot.img/recovery.img which will change for the ICS build.
- both recoveries got USB mount storage issues, you will have to transfer files to sdcard or internal memory through windows.
- IMPORTANT: do not try and restore boot.img partition (before this install) from your ICS backups, it will cause the mobile not to boot.
and you will have to do the fastboot steps flashing this boot.img again. (it is caused by the signature is no longer a match)



wkpark - for his incredible work on getting us a custom uboot (still signed but a big help) - we await the unsigned boot
milaq - for the initial work on recoveries for our devices and cwm/twrp is used as base in these 2 images attached.
xbsall - the original release of ICS for p920/su760 edition.



Originally Posted by GlossGhost
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I just installed it and it works as it should.
Originally Posted by lemach
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I have installed it on w7 64 bits and no problems. also i have installed rom manager and i can restart into recovery through rom manager o through app like quickboot.

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Here is an alternative:

- download p920-1.zip and unpack to a temp directory.
- download usb_drv_windows.zip and install the driver. This is done when you see "omap4430" appear for a few seconds in device manager, when you attach phone to pc using usb without battery inserted.
- when driver is installed, install one of the recoveries attached to post #1 and unpack to the temp directory too, and finally run "runme.bat" from the temp directory you unpacked. and follow guideline here.
- when you see the commandline information "wait 5 seconds", you re-insert the battery.
- When "fastboot v0.5" shows in the optimus 3D display, you might need to install the fastboot driver(device: LG Cosmo) as well also located in the same zip above where OMAP4430 is found.
- If you do not get the "fastboot v0.5" in the phone display, something went wrong. and you might need to double check that your device manager in windows also shows the "OMAP4430 FastBoot USB device"

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Never mind, wainting for a fix. Thanks

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sorry guys, my guide works fine and so does the TWRP image and getting into it. But problem is, it seems original recovery does a trick to reset the flag "booting into recovery". So problem now is that it keeps booting into recovery and it cannot boot normally if you get TWRP started once.

I flashed back the original recovery for now and it works fine, when i sign that image with the new signature as well. but not worth much
booting original recovery once and the flag is reset and normal boot is possible.

Ill dig into this and report back and upload a working image, when i figured out the workaround this sad behaviour.

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First, thanks for the tutorial and for your work. I wanted to know if this tutorial could be installed boot.img compiled by myself.

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Originally Posted by adri_360
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First, thanks for the tutorial and for your work. I wanted to know if this tutorial could be installed boot.img compiled by myself.

yes, we can make custom boot.img as well with the solution he made. scripts and solution is posted in same thread mentioned in step1. i used it to create the recovery.img, but same goes for boot.img.

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I hope u can find the solution for this. For some people like me, after we flash the bin, fls, root the device and use twrp. It just wont boot to recovery. So i hope this would work. But thanks again to xbsall for bringing ics to our device. At least now im on ics. Is there anyway i can use original recovery? So u can make a backup and restore if i need to reflash the ics bin again?


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Finally got the continous reboot to recovery fixed!!!!

The images are bootable and do only reboot once into the recovery now.
the fix was to use some of the original binaries in the recovery so that mounts and binaries were started once.

So its all ok now.

I have also compiled a new CWM v6.0.1.5 from Recovery Builder clockworkmod, so its using latest release here, but it is not tested yet for full functionality.

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This is nice. Thanks.

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Thank you very much!! now it is late for me, but tomorrow i will follow your guide.

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HUGE THANKS, MAN!!! I was just about to flash the whole ROM again, just to make the TWRP work again

Im goin to start downloading and following the guide in a few min's.

I'll report as soon as im done with it


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ok.. im stuck @ 11.

"waiting for device"

it just wont start flashing. so i went to device manager and theres this new "connection" called LG Cosmo
and it says that the drivers for LG Cosmo are not installed.. what to do?