[RoM][XWLPY-4.0.4-ICS]SHOstock2 v6.2 [11/13/2012](FINAL)


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[RoM][XWLPY-4.0.4-ICS]SHOstock2 v6.2 [11/13/2012](FINAL)

SHOstock part deux! V6.2

Come to IRC channel #shostock Also feel free to use my sig below!


Please post the bloat/apk's you would like and I'll post them in Post#2

Thanks to:

Samsung for device and TW
Entrophy for Kernel Development
Jeboo for the Siyah Built Kernel
dsxisda for the kitchen
Wanam/lidroid for the 15 toggle MOD
Fenny for the modified Email.apk
jeboo for help with smali and mods
JohnMcW for the Boot Animation
Jank4U for my animated Signature.
Mirko ddd



New Base:
-i9100-XWLPY 4.0.4r6 Unbranded/Nordic
-UCLE5 Modem
-Jeboo's Siyah Kernel (11/12 BuildDate) SOURCE LINK
-Extended power menu with No Header (added Recovery and Download)
-15 Toggle Mod adjustable in Settings/Display
-Removed VideoCall References removed from Contacts/Dialer/Phone/MMS
-Modded MMS.apk adjusted.onverting to mms; Increased sending limit to 1MB -and 3.2mp resolution; Themed; Screen on, Signature,Vibration Toggle
-Removed SMS/MMS in call log
-Lowered Low battery notification to 10%
-Removed Samsung KB and Added ICS Keyboard
-Enabled SIP over 3G NATIVE
-Disabled Wake when unplugging from Charger/USB
-Smooth Spinner Animations
-Enabled 5-Bar Signal Icons
-Accurate battery MOD (Toggle Text in Settings/Display)
-Enabled 5Ghz WiFi
-Added WiFi scan-180 in build.prop
-Added host file for adblock
-Disabled the full charge notifications. I got all of them... sound/vibrate/icon
-Fix my error in build.prop and gave att SGH-I777 SPECS
-ATT APN fully supported Large APN List
-Added Email/Exchange APK's (Also No security) POST#2
-Added APEX Launcher v1.3.4beta2 (US-TW4 on steriods)
-Modded Camera.apk-(Removed Low battery handicaps and added use during call. Volume Rocker Shutter)
-Added StayAwake when Plugged and HDCP Options in Developer Settings
-NO Increasing ring on incoming call
-In Call Recording
-Play Market 3.9.17
-Removed ME in Contacts (Unless you have G+)-> Thanks Jeboo
-Clock and AM/PM toggle in Settings/Date & Time menu -> Thanks jeboo
-Added recent NFC "Support"
-Hac Enabled (Hearing Aid Compatible)
-InCall landscape mode enabled (Controlled with AutoRotate Toggle)
-Circle Locksceen has Center text.
-GingerBread Recent Apps Toggle
-Gallery and VideoPlayer from Intl. Galaxy Note


Update; v6.2
-Updated Kernel to Siyah 5.0.1 built by jeboo
-Changed Modem to UCLE5
-Updated remaining RIL's from CM10
-Updated APN (Added Straight Talk)
-Updated GMAIL to released 4.2
-Removed ExTweaks from /data in zip.
-Changed WIFI-Scan interval to 240sec (Build.prop edit)
-Fine tuned GB Recent apps to fit in LandScape mode.


UPDATE: RC1; Initial Release. 

-Home Button Lag fix
-Accurate battery MOD
-Themed statusbar, dropdown and toggles a touch - WIP
-Enabled 5Ghz WiFi
-Added WiFi scan-180 in build.prop
-CRT off animation
-Added host file for adblock
-APN Fixed


-Updated kernel #164
-Signal bars to 5 BARS
-Darkened the off toggle icons some.
-Disabled the full charge notifications. I believe I got all of them... sound/vibrate/icon
-Fix my error in build.prop and gave att UCLC2 SPECS
-Added ICS keyboard
-APN typo fixed
-Swapped send/attach button in MMS.apk and themed it.
-Added Email/Exchange APK's

-Swapped SMS/MMS buttons and compiled with previous apktool.jar
-Removed crappy intl-TW4
-Added APEX Launcher (US-TW4 on steriods)
-Removed SocialHub crap
-Added Video Editor
-Added Samsungservice.apk to restore FIND ME function in Setting
-Added UCLC2 modem
-Re-added Hosts for adblocking

Update: RC5;
-Back to UCKK6 modem
-Added 15 toggle mod-WIP
-Blacked out dialer
-Removes video call in landscape
-Added native sip calling

-Extended power menu with No Header (added Recovery and Download)
-Removed Videocall button when ending the call
-Fine tuned the toggle text
-Notification dropdown
-Setting background
-Dialer background
-Incall dialer
-Contacts background
-Edited the wifi files to closer match UCLC2 (Hope that helps some people)
-Updated Apex Launcher to 1.0.4
-Update YouTube.apk

Update: v1.0
-Updated to EntropyDD_ICS #202
-Updated Email.apk to bypass PIN ->Thanks Fenny
-Reverted Wifi files to RC2
-Removed all VideoCall references in Contacts and Call Log. -> Thanks jeboo for helping
-Removed CRT animation -> Will provide addon

Update: v1.1
-Updated to DD-ICS#204 (Enabled Dual-Core) 
-Camera.apk-(Removed low battery crap and in a call crap)(Volume Rocker Shutter)
-Added StayAwake when Plugged and HDCP Options in Developer Settings
-Unlocked some wallpapers ->Thanks Ryude
-Made new background for Dialer/Contects and Settings...WIP(Some Experience Banding)

Update: v1.3
-NO Increasing ring on incoming call
-In Call Recording
-Apex v1.05
-Play Market 3.5.16
-Removed ME in Contacts -> Thanks Jeboo
-Zombie Ass Kernel 4/4/12
-Modem UCPLC5
-Lockscreen FlashLight (Hold Home Key in Lockscreen. FaceUnlock must press the lock to show the PIN/Pattern for it to work). 
-AOSP Lockscreen
-Removed anything FindMyMobile Related (Will FC if you try to set)
Stock Email.apk back in ROM. Fenny Modded one in Post#2
-No Boot Sound
-New Boot Animation ->Thanks to JohnMcW
-In Ext Pwr Menu; Removed the "Are You Sure You Want To...." from Shutdown,Restart,Recovery,Download

Update: v2.0
-Updated Base to XWLP7 Unbranded/Netherlands (April Build)
-Added Drowningchild's CherryPicker Kernel
-Updated Gmail (4.0.5) and YouTube (3.5.5)
-Clock and AM/PM toggle in Settings/Date & Time menu -> Thanks jeboo
-Added Font Size in Setting/Display
-Added recent NFC "Support" (RedWave31-http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=24439878&postcount=102)

Update; v2.1
-Updated to latest CherryPicker #33(changelog in post#2)
-Changed bubbles in mms.apk some. Changed SMS Icon.
-Themed incall dialer and backgrounds
-Small update to Clock/AM-PM toggles.  (Time would still show up in lockscreen)
-Added Inverted YouTube with HD enabled in 3G/WIFI
-New modem (UCLD3)

Update; v2.2
-Find My Mobile removed in settings
-Signature Enabled in Messaging app
-Screen On Toggle when receiving SMS/MMS with stock Messaging app
-Themed Ext Pwr Menu a touch...
-Back to UCPLC5 modem
-Sense Recent applications with 50% background
-Circle/AOSP Lockscreen Toggle located in Settings/Display
-CherryPicker 4/24 (see Post3)
-BLN Support (Stock SMS not functioning)
-Enabled HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility) (Toggle is located in the dialer menu/settings)

Update; v2.2.1
-Fix Messaging no vibrate
-Added Vibrate toggle in Messaging Settings
-Background for Recent Apps 30% Transparent
-Doubled Battery Charging Animation speed
-Fix Recent apps not full length.

Update; v2.2.2
-Themed Pops ups.....
-Update CherryPicker [See post3] Bye bye MTP
-Sense Recent apps landscape working. [might fine tune in future]
-On a side note if you disable screen on in stock sms app... BLN works on stock sms app.
-CRT animation on by default 

Update; v2.2.3
-Fixed battery charging animation
-Added Toggle for CRT Animation - settings/display -Thanks as always jeboo
-Updated Apex to 1.1.0 stable
-Updated CherryPicker Kernel #73
-Updated HOSTS file for AD-Blocking(3/30/2012)

Update; v2.2.4
-Fixed BLN that I broke in 2.2.3

Update; v2.2.5
-Moved toggles in dropdown
-Added setting ShortCut in dropdown and themed it some.
-Updated CherryPicker to v1.0
-Added Motion "Shake" for scanning
-Modded Browser for 16 tabs 

Update; v2.2.6
-fixed toggle bug when auto brightness disabled.(now must tap statusbar to close when adjusting brightness via sliding the statusbar.)
-Holo style background in settings menu
-Apex updated to 1.1.1
-CherryPicker Kernel updated to 1.1

Update; v3.0
-updated base to XWLPD Netherlands/Unbranded
-Updated modem to UCLD4
-Removed Sense Recent apps
-Moved Toggles under carrier/date/clear button bar
-Adjust data/wifi icons in statusbar.

Update; v3.0.1
-Fixed Camera FC
-Updated airplane and no service icon
-Fixed BLN with using CherryPicker Kernel
-Updated Gmail 4.0.5
-Updated Apex 1.2.1

Update; v3.0.2
-Modded SystemUI(Removed toggle text, moved carrier, moved date)
-Added Contacts button to dialer
-Updated CherryPicker Kernel(Fast!)

Update; v3.0.3
-Removed "Exit All" Dialog in the task manager.
-Adjusted Clear button and settings button in Notifications
-Removed "Edit" option in the Gallery 
-Removed Shutter Click sound.
-Using SGS3 Ringtones/Notification/alarms
-Added 2 SGS3 live wallpapers
-Added Rosemary Font
-Fixed CRT animation Bug. (flash after animation)

Update; v3.0.4
-Merged sgs2/sgs3 Ringtones/Notifications
-Removed Gmail/Youtube/Memo from /system (get from the market)
-Removed Videoeditor.apk/secPhone.apk and Lib files not needed.
-Change search highlight color in dialer.

Update; v3.0.5
-Removed Roaming icon
-Added XXLPW RIL LIBs (More consistent data IMO)
-Added FUGU Tweaks from the S3 ( Seems to improves scrolling)
-Light Theming

Update; v3.1.0
-InCall Landscape mode Enabled
-QuickSettings Toggles embedded in settings and Quicksettings app hidden from launcher.
-Updated host file
-Removed banding in Dialer Background
-Changed modem to UCLE5
-Kernel change to Siyah 3.4.3 w/Mic Swap
-JellyBean Animations from Nexus Release
-Updated APEX Launcher to latest BETA
-Center text in Circle LockScreen
-Updated Superuser.apk and binary.(v3.1)

Update; v3.1.1
-Reverted Superuser.apk and SU for popup issues.(Can be updated in the market.)

Update; 3.1.2
-AJ Newkirk's Siyah Kernel (Install ExTweaks for all options)
-Updated Apex Launcher v1.2.5
-Phone.apk now rotates in accordance with Rotation Toggle (Thanks jeboo)
-Updated MMS.apk (New launch Icon, New Smileys)

Update; v4.0
-Updated base to XWLPO- 4.0.4
-Ktoonsez 3.5.1 kernel
-Enabled Numbers in notifications
-Some features did not carry over yet.  

Update; v4.1
-Updated base to XWLPT- 4.0.4
-Updated to Team SkyFire Kernel v3.2.9
-Fixed CRT Animation flicker
-Included ExTweaks(Removable)
-Updated PlayStore Apk v3.7.15
-Updated ApexLauncher v1.3.0 beta1

Update; v4.1.1
-Added AOSP Lockscreen Toggle -Thanks for the help Jeboo
-Added CRT Animation Toggle -Thanks for the help Jeboo
-Fixed MTP
-Added Email No Security Post#2

Update; v4.1.2
-Added GoogleNOW Online version
-Remove reset ability in Settings/back and restore. (Causes soft bricks)
-Changed Kernel to Ktoonsez's 3.5.1 due to wifi issues.

Update; v4.1.3
-Fixed AOSP Lockscreen -Thanks Jeboo
-Lowered Auto Brightness values(WIP) Feedback would be nice as I would like to find a best all around values.
-Changed Modem RIL files (Better speed and hopefully battery during data usage)
-Changed Kernel to Ktoonsez's 4.1beta5.
-Removed "Camera Fix" Not needed with above kernel
-Fixed BT with some headsets.
-Updated GoolglePlay to 3.8.15

Update; v4.1.4
-Removed low battery can't use flash in Camera.apk handicap.
-Adjust Auto Brightness a touch brighter.
-Updated PLAY to 3.8.17
-Updated APEX Launcher v1.3.0 beta3
-Removed LuminousDots and DeepSea live wallpapers. (They are from SGS3 and don't work 100%)
-Call Reject messages Fixed
-InCall Volume 6 increments (Was 5)
-Disabled Scrolling Cache (Better Scrolling)
-RIL's from ZSLPP base (Same data speeds but GPS tests better)
-Update Ktoonsez's 4.1.1 Kernel
-Updated Superuser.apk
-Update GoogleNOW to M7 Online version
-Removed ProgramManager Widget since it doesn't work on APEX
-Updated Hosts file (adBlocking)

Update; v4.1.5
-9 Step AutoBrightness (You can adjust it brighter or dimmer via ExTweaks setting "Gamma Shift")
-Removed Edit in the menu of the Gallery (Damn PhotoEditor still broken)
-Removed GoogleNow (Breaks BT voice Dialing, I will link for those who want it)
-Re-added GoogleSearch
-Added APK for ATT WiFi to connect automatically.
-Added SamsungVoiceCommand for BT/Voice Dialing (I installed it in /data so it can be uninstalled from the app drawer)
-Disabled Home DoubleTap since it gets enabled with the use of SVC.
-Ktoonsez's Siyah based built kernel v4.1.2 with the wifi driver I posted a test for.
-Remapped Search Button to open RecentApps.
-Updated APEX to v1.3.0 beta4
-RIL's from v4.1.3

Update; v5.0
-New base: XWLPX 4.0.4-r4
-Gallery3D from intl Note -- Thanks danieldmm
-VideoPlayer from intl Note
-Recent apps from froyo(no task manager button yet, just set an APEX gesture to open the app)(only home long press opens it).
-Removed Search button remap.(if you enable it yourself, you will have ICS recent apps)
-SGS3 Fonts
-AJ Newirk's Siyah Kernel v4.1.4
-Updated APEX v1.3.0 beta5
-Rooted using SuperSU v0.96

Update; v5.1
-Incorporated MODS thanks to Kahvitahra
  Ability to change "Volumekey for song skip" -mods delay from normal 1000ms to fast 300ms ( quick_song_skip_off/on )
  Ability to change homekey for recent apps delay from normal 500ms to fast 250ms ( short_home_delay_off/on )
  Ability to change powerkey for powermenu delay from normal 500ms to fast 250ms ( short_power_delay_off/on )
When you flash this in your sdcard is created folders 

Changing the folder part from on to off will enable/disable that mod.

-Removed FIND MY MOBILE in Settings/Security
-Removed Samsungservice.apk
-Removed VideoEditor.apk
-Updated to Ktoonsez's 4.1.4 Siyah based Kernel.

Update; v5.2
-Added Task Manager button in Recent Apps (Thanks Jeboo)
-Added 4 more Icons to Recent Apps (12Total)
-Added Toggle in /settings/Display to enable GB Recent Apps (Thanks Jeboo)
-Lightened color for the Clock in the Statusbar and date in the Notification DropDown
-Removed "Edit" in the Menu of the Gallery
-Reverted RIL's from v4.1.5
-Updated APEX to v1.3.0 beta6

Update; v5.3
-Added Manual Brightness to DropDown (Thanks Mirkoddd)
-Incorporated CRT ON with CRT Toggle(Thanks Jeboo)
-Updated APEX Launcher v1.3.1
-Updated Kernel (ktoonsez v4.1.6) 


Whatever I feel like doing

DOWNLOAD 6.2(227mb)
Full Wipe REQUIRED Unless coming from v6.x.


MD5: 9145F71C582EA596B88F947E17CD3EDE


You must be running a kernel with CWM.
~Download*SHOstock2*ROM and place it on your internal SD card.
~Boot into Recovery~~~~Wipe data/factory reset
~Install SHOstock by navigating to the location on the internal SDcard in CWM.
~Reboot the phone

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Wow this is awesome, thanks Shoman.

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I get an error 921 in google play trying to download any app.

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Any bugs ?

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777

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There are no truly ICS themed ROMs for our phones as they're all themed by either the carrier or Samsung. That's why we have to debloat and re-theme them afterwards with Vertimus,etc., to undo all the carriers crap. I'm sure this too, will be coming shortly.

Thanks for all your hard work and lack of sleep, Shoman!

Sent from my phone talky-thing

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Awesome work! Thanks

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Is there a way you could include the program manager widget? And possibly a gb style keyboard? The Samsung drives me crazy haha

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Is this ROM hardened against ads?

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777

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Just installed/got up and running. No snags on install after full wipe coming from ICScrewD. After first boot wouldn't see my MicroCell - airplane mode toggle usually fixes this, didn't this time. Reboot resolved it however, so all good there.

Taking a chance reinstalling missing user apps with data from TiBu...will see how it goes.

At any rate, VERY NICE ROM! Thank You!

Edit: Really like the 6 bar signal icon. Also like that you didn't include Swype as a system keyboard, makes updating from SwypeBeta much easier. Looking forward to your updates!

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I only get it when I click email since I don't have it installed. Weird.

Ok, I think it's just the email.apk I put in. It's FCing and that must be making social hub FC too. Otherwise I don't have any real issues. Good work

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Usually let the market install then restore the data for the apps.

Yea not included. I wonder if the APK from GB will work.

Native screen shot worked for me just now... have to hold vol down and power for about .3 - .5 seconds...