[HOWTO] ROOT T-Mobile SGSII via ODIN -- Updated Recovery


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[HOWTO] ROOT T-Mobile SGSII via ODIN -- Updated Recovery


This Method will flash a recovery Image and then you can flash the superuser .zip file to root the phone.
This requires minor knowledge. But BE CAREFUL Because this can harm your phone!

First Things you need to have:

*You Need ODIN 1.8++(CLICK ME)
*The USB Drivers for Our SGSII
*Clockworkmod which you are going to flash via ODIN

md5sum - 8bf6802a84d85aa7da0c1976c0f129d1

*Superuser+Su files to flash thru clockworkmod later on!
*SDCARD installed for CWR

How to Root the phone...

*Before We get things rolling, Make sure the Phone is recognized by your PC.

*Put the Superuser .zip file on your internal SD

*Take the battery out and place it back

*Hold both Vol up + Vol down, and plug the USB cable in.

*On ODIN, Select the PDA button and browse to the recovery-cwm-hercules.tar

*Select Start and see the magic do its thing.

*It should flash the file to Recovery and reboot the phone.

*Take the battery out again and now boot into recovery

*Power off phone, unplug USB, Hold Both Vol up + Vol down and Hit power


*Select Install zip from sdcard, choose the Superuser .zip and let it finish.


*Now Lets delete some bloat ok? Be careful of what you delete!

***Thanks To Slayher for ROOTING the phone, i just created this small guide for you all to use.

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Alright!!!!! The moment is here!!

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Any of you guys can help me get a SGSII for development? Im gonna sell my sensation to a friend for around 340 - 50 and my TMO discount will get the SGSII to 441... Now Im needing around 100 but 10 people who donates 10 can make it. Help me out guys and see the GOODIES ill get for you all.. You might wanna open a thread here at XDA for BOUNTY...And you all can make it. You all know i never ask for donations or else but this is kind of a help for me to get the phone and pay you back with my work which you all know and know it aint a bad work. Please help me do my BeastMOD II (thats gonna be the name.) for the TMO SGSII... THANKS guys

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Originally Posted by Nismo13
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Noob question

So if i follow the intrusctions on the first post, i will be "rooted" right

SO now after that is done, how do i proceed to remove all the tmobile crap?

I just use titanium backup to uninstall apps.

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The original post has been updated some on rootzwiki.com

Didnt realize it was posted here already.

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First of all, thank you for this. Like a dumbass, I bricked my phone trying to root it without the proper research. This has brought my phone back from the dead. Thank you so much for this. Who do I donate to lol cuz they definitely deserve it

Slayher got root so he's the one the $$ go to but you might also want to consider throwing $10 Melvin's way. Great dev who wants to bring his rom over here. Just needs 9 people to donate $10 and he'll be able to get the phone!

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Just Donated $10 to Melvin, Its from my wife's Paypal Account, I'm sure you'll notice it, Its a Long A$$ Girls Email.

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trying to find out im on irc??

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adb is my worse nightmare, never used it lol... i want to root so bad, any one plan on doing a video?

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Root confirmed. Yess!! Rooted Suited and Booted!.. okaaay now what bloatware to delete that won't mess me up?? I'm out of thanks for today But thanks to basically everyone in the all of the post before mine.

I recommend you freeze My Account and not delete it. Not unless you like force closes galore

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Su has been downloaded and is in my app folder

But When i go to titanium backup it says sorry i could not acquire root privileges, please verify your rom is rooted

and when i go to update in su i get this message

download manifest ok
parsing ok
latest version 3.0
checking installed version = legacy ( in red)
checking for busy box... not found
download custom busy box... okay
checking md5sum... okay
checking current install path... fail!
failed to find currently installed su binary. update cannot continue