[KERNEL][PLAY][GSM] DooMKernel [Rel:v14][Dt:01/MAY][FW:.42/.58/.62]


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[KERNEL][PLAY][GSM] DooMKernel [Rel:v14][Dt:01/MAY][FW:.42/.58/.62]

---[ UPDATES ]---

changelog for DooMKernel v14 posted here

---[ UPDATES ]---

Full touch recovery!!!

[ tips / recommendations ]

  1. for optimal results it is HIGHLY recommended to use -36 baseband with corresponding libs...
  2. for better battery life try undervolting... start off in steps of -25mV and see which is stable for u... for my PLAY -100mV was stable...
  3. before u report any battery drain issues please read this:
    [GUIDE] HOW-TO Properly Evaluate Battery Life and Provide Useful Reports

[ intro ]

hello ppl!

this kernel is for stock SE 4.0.2.A.0.42/.58/.62 FW...

for older kernel versions for older FW refer to following:
Older Releases [FW: 4.0.A.2.368]
Older Releases [FW: 3.0.1.A.0.145/146/148]

Thank you robytigers , Adam3Sixty, The_Gatekeeper_, Flava0ne, dannejanne, drunkenfcuk, covux, Logseman & hayabusa08 for u kind donations

[ special thanks to ]

Thank you guys for ur help! this would not have been possible without ur help!

[ screenshots ]

refer to my Arc kernel thread

[ disclaimer ]




"Partition SDCard" option in CWM5 WILL WIPE UR SDCARD!!!

[ features ]

  • [v14 onwards] updated ramdisk scripts to correct superuser permission and to properly install busybox (1.18.4 full) in /system/xbin/
  • [v14 onwards] re-enabled debug sysfs
  • [v14 onwards] added patched ZRAM (thanks to faux123) [details on how to use it, here is a recovery flashable update.zip to enable it]
  • [v14 onwards] added Fugeswap to lowmemorykiller (thanks to LeeDroid-)
  • [v14 onwards] removed GPU overclock
  • [v14 onwards] bootup CPU frequency fix-up now at kernel level so no more need for having two separate versions of same kernels (1.6 GHz and 2.0 GHz), both are now merged into one
  • [v14 onwards] merged 4.0.2.A.0.58 & 4.0.2.A.0.62 FW kernel sources (not really any major changes)
  • [v13 onwards] reverted back to my stable kernel source
  • [v13 ] blind testing GPU OC
  • [v12-BootManger-v2] test kernel with upstream patches
  • [v11-BootManger-v2 onwards] added BootManager v2.0 to kernel ramdisk
  • [v11-BootManger-v2 onwards] added GPU overclocking! -raised lower GPU clock to 245 Mhz (initially 192 Mhz) & upper GPU clock to 365 Mhz (initially 245 Mhz)
  • [v11-BootManger-v2 onwards] reclaimed additional 2MB RAM from unused parts... Thanks to jerpelea
  • [v10-modCWM-v5 onwards] fixed busybox issue - if the user has installed busybox in /system/xbin/ then that busybox will be given preference over busybox at /sbin/
  • [v10-modCWM-v5 onwards] added my team's (Team UtterChaos) FULL TOUCH RECOVERY!!! (more details here)
  • [v10 onwards] changes in cpufreq driver & cpu freq table
  • [v10 onwards] disabled NFS/CIFS - this was causing increased battery drain in new kernel sources
  • [v09-tests onwards] testing battery drain issue
  • [v08-modCWM-v04 onwards] updated recovery to modCWM-v04 TouchEdition Recovery
  • [v08 onwards] added I/O scheduler: Simple I/O (sio)
  • [v08 onwards] added SLQB memory allocator (and set it as default)
  • [v08 onwards] added TinyRCU along with fixes (and set it as default)
  • [v08 onwards] bumped BFQ to v2-r1
  • [v08 onwards] added Stochastic Fair Blue Net scheduler
  • [v08 onwards] bumped jHASH to v3
  • [v08 onwards] increased VM max readahead to 512kb
  • [v08 onwards] some patches to fix kernel memory leaks
  • [v08 onwards] minor fix to display the kernel version info correctly in "About Phone"
  • [v08 onwards] added some mounting tweaks
  • [v08 onwards] added support for bootsounds (currently broken on stock rom but same code works perfectly on CM7 so i will work more on this later)
  • [v08 onwards] added some tweaks for sdcard performance, Virtual Memory teaks, task killer tweaks
  • [v08 onwards] added support for userinit scripts:
    • if sd-ext is mounted then it will execute /sd-ext/userinit.sh & shell scripts in /sd-ext/userinit.d/ folder
    • also scripts in /data/local/ will be executed... it will execute /data/local/userinit.sh & shell scripts in /data/local/userinit.d/ folder
  • [v07-BT-fix onwards] fixed the issue: BT & Wifi dont work simultaneously
  • [v07 onwards] minor changes in my modified CWM recovery (modCWM-v3)
  • [v07 onwards] major cleaning of kernel sources (cleaned defconfigs using FXP defconfigs as reference)
  • [v07 onwards] TESTING: reverted some changes in kernel sources to older FW kernel sources to test if the issue of increased battery drain is resolved
  • [v07 onwards] compiled using newest gcc-4.6.2-(2011.10) linaro toolchain with O4 optimizations
  • [v07 onwards] changed kernel version string to "-DooMKernel" (will require specific modules for wifi)
  • [v06-modCWM-v2 onwards] LOTS of changes in my modified CWM recovery
  • [v06 onwards] shifted to 4.0.2.A.0.42 kernel sources
  • [v06 onwards] now using my own modified version of CWM recovery with "Fix Permissions" and "Partition SDcard" support and some cleanup in menu (for ease of use)
  • [v05 onwards] shifted to 4.0.2.A.0.9 kernel sources
  • [v05 onwards] removed undervolting, now using stock kernel voltages (will improve stability on all devices)
  • [v05 onwards] modified recovery to support /sd-ext backup/restore (remember /sd-ext has to be the 2nd partition on ur sdcard [mmcblk0p2] for this to work)
  • [v05 onwards] corrected issues "high lcd brightness when in recovery"
  • [v04 onwards] new DooMKernel Logo - thanks to pvyParts (and thanks to Flava0ne for fixing it for Xperia 2011 line)
  • [v04 onwards] cool button-backlight notification to tell u when to spam keys for entering recovery [only spam the button when u see the backlight active]
  • [v04 onwards] updated recovery to CWM v5.0.2.6 FreeXperia Team
  • [v04 onwards] added lower voltages (more undervolt) new voltage table
  • [v04 onwards] added new Max frequency: 2.0Ghz
  • [v04 onwards] updated integrated SuperUser app to v3.0.5
  • [v03 onwards] compiled using toolchain gcc-4.4.3 (might improve kernel performance)
  • [v03 onwards] added new CPU governors:
    • InteractiveX
    • Savaged-Zen
    • SmartAssV2
  • [v02-FIX onwards] fixed sysinit support
  • [v02-FIX onwards] enabled /system/etc/install-recovery.sh execution
  • [v02 onwards] added new bootup CPU thresholding, device will no longer jump to max freq for initial few seconds (might help some device who have booting issues)
  • [v02 onwards] improved init.d support, now scripts in /system/etc/init.d will automatically be given correct permissions and be executed (this will not correct/fix the errors which might be inherently present in the script)
  • [v02 onwards] corrected VDD control to show only those frequencies which are enabled in CPU-freq table
  • [v02 onwards] autorooting (prerooted)
    • su binary & superuser.apk will automatically be installed by kernel (thanks to Bin4ry for posting the file RootXperia.zip; i have used the superuser files from his zip)
    • busybox already installed in /sbin/
  • [v02 onwards] added recovery CWM v4.0.1.4 FreeXperia Team (keep tapping/pressing BACK button when u see new bootlogo)
  • [v01 onwards] added I/O Schedulers:
    • V(R)
    • BFQ
  • [v01 onwards] added CPU Governors:
    • Smartass
    • Scary
    • MinMax
    • Interactive
  • [v01 onwards] enabled NLS_UTF8
  • [v01 onwards] added user-level/runtime CPU voltage control [VDD control "sysfs interface"] (for more info keep checking this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=362)
  • [v01 onwards] added new Max frequency: 1.9Ghz
  • [v01 onwards] added lots of intermediate frequencies (from 122Mhz to 1.9Ghz for almost every 100/120Mhz there is a select-able frequency) [the kernel will default to 245Mhz min / 1024Mhz max for each boot]
  • [v01 onwards] enabled SWAP support
  • [v01 onwards] enabled CDROM filesystem support in kernel (now u can mount ISO files)
  • [v01 onwards] enabled a few I/O Schedulers
    • noop
    • Anticipatory
    • Deadline (default)
    • CFQ
  • [v01 onwards] enabled ARM THUMBEE extensions
  • [v01 onwards] enabled support (in kernel) for many file systems
    • EXT2
    • EXT3
    • EXT4
    • NTFS (Read & Write)
  • [v01 onwards] enabled NFS (client & server) support in kernel
  • [v01 onwards] enabled CIFS support in kernel
  • [v01 onwards] enabled access to kernel .config (can be pulled from /proc/config.gz)
  • [v01 onwards] enabled TUN/TAP driver support (integrated in kernel) [VPN support]
  • [v01 onwards] USB-OTG support (already enabled in SE FW)
  • [v01 onwards] insecure kernel
    • kernel is insecure (ro.secure=0)
    • adb server is persistent
    • usb debugging enabled
    • rootfs and /system mounted as rw (thank you Blagus for the tip )
  • enabled IPTABLES/NETFILTER support


  • since i have changed the kernel version string stock wifi modules will no longer work on my kernel...
  • if u try to enable them on new kernel (v7 onwards) u will get "ERROR" while starting WIFI...
  • i will be providing wifi modules for my kernel which HAVE TO BE FLASHED VIA RECOVERY for wifi/bt to work correctly
  • stock wifi modules will also be provided which again will have to be flashed via recovery if u want to return to stock kernel OR if u revert to older v06 or lower kernels

  • remember i have already told this to u guys... if i see some users reporting that wifi is giving error because u did not follow my instructions ur post WILL BE IGNORED....

[ credits for features ]

refer to my Arc kernel thread

[ requirements ]

details regarding recovery and how to enter recovery

[ how to install my kernel (v07 onwards) ]

  1. download the boot.img & wifi modules update.zip
  2. save the boot.img in the folder with fastboot binaries (fastboot.exe files)
  3. save the wifi modules update.zip to sdcard (on phone)
  4. power down device
  5. start device in fastboot mode
  6. use the following command to flash the boot.img
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
  7. reboot phone and enter recovery
  8. flash the wifi modules update.zip for my kernel
  9. reboot phone and enjoy the kernel

[ how to get back to stock kernel OR older versions of my kernel (v06 and lower) ]

  1. download the stock wifi modules update.zip
  2. extract the kernel.sin (or boot.img if u want to flash my older kernels) file from the stock FTF u used to flash this fimware
  3. save the kernel.sin (or boot.img if u want to flash my older kernels) in the folder with fastboot binaries (fastboot.exe files)
  4. save the wifi modules update.zip to sdcard (on phone)
  5. reboot phone and enter recovery
  6. flash the stock wifi modules update.zip
  7. power down device
  8. start device in fastboot mode
  9. use the following command to flash the kernel.sin (or boot.img if u want to flash my older kernels)
    fastboot flash boot kernel.sin
  10. reboot phone and thats it u should now be on stock kernel (or my older kernel)


  1. start SetCPU/NoFrills CPU Control app on ur Play (or any other app which supports overclocking) (u may get a popup asking for SuperUser permissions, click ok/yes/allow)
  2. now slowly increase the MAX slider to the right (one notch at a time) to increase the maximum frequency limit
  4. SLOWLY increase the frequency one notch at a time and do stability/testing for few hours

[ my kernel sources ]


[ donations ]

if u feel that this work has helped u OR u think that the work i put into making this is worthy of donations, then click on the following link for buying me some coffee/beer/etc


FreeXperia PROJECT: if you want to support FreeXperia PROJECT (CyanogenMod device maintainers for Xperia 2011 phones) you can donate

[ downloads ]


[PLAY][GSM] DooMKernel (v14) (FW: .42/.58/.62)
[ MD5HASH: 213577f251c17ff93340d0c97c9c5625 ]

WIFI MODULES for DooMKernel (v14)

WIFI MODULES for stock kernel or DooMKernel (v06 and lower) (mirror)

OLD RELEASES FOR .42/.58/.62

[ DooMKernel Signature banners!!! ]

If you like to use my kernels and u want to show the world that u use it/love it , then you can add this banner to you signature!!!

Just copy the following code and paste it in you USER CP under "Edit Signature":

HTML Code:

[ for modders/themers/others ]

hey guys here i am attaching a template update.zip which has been tested to work on the recovery provided here... u can add ur stuff to that file and edit the updater-script so that the u can flash ur files via this recovery...
basically it contains the correct combination of update-binary & mounting syntax...

this file is NOT required for normal/general users


[ older versions ]

for older kernel versions for older FW refer to following:
Older Releases [FW: 4.0.A.2.368]
Older Releases [FW: 3.0.1.A.0.145/146/148]


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Joined: 04/10/2012 - 08:16
thanks for testing!

i am slightly confused... did u test it on stock firmware or CM7?

also can u please post the About Phone screenshot (like the one i posted in 1st post) so that i can update 1st post with it!


Stock firmware. I was on stock kernel with stock rom, bootloader unlocked, and rooted. Flashed the boot.img after making a recovery backup and was in business

Sorry for cruddy quality snap. Using an app called 'ShootMe'. Ironic name... what are you using for yours?

EDIT: Downloaded screenshot. Much better!

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Joined: 04/10/2012 - 08:16

has anyone tried this on my system.img?

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Joined: 04/10/2012 - 08:19
larsiano could you pls tell me how did you install the battery percentage mode?
i want this kernal badly but i really care about battery life,with stock kernal i must use a battery indicator which drains battery,but with percentage mode it doesnt, i am using v05 of frasertag but he is off the play and i love to keep my software developed and updated( it kills my rotien! and freshens my experiace) lool thanx in advanxe

Sent from my GT-P1000

The battery percentage? Well, Im still running the stock Kernel as everyone else here, its just a little feature from a Theme which is findable on the Arc forum.

Was anyone able to run a higher frequency than 1.51 ghz for a long period of time?
Since yesterdaywell, I couldn't really resist and tried it also out.
And with "just" 3 freezes, I managed somehow little by little to run it stable now, at 1.86 ghz. For about 5 hours now.

The battery temperature hasnt gone through a noticeable change. Its still somewhere between 30-35 Celsius by usual use.
I got 2734 in quadrant after the second run, which is definitely a additional performance.

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Joined: 04/10/2012 - 08:19
im on 2.3.2 rooted UK Play.. Unfortunately OTA updates dont work for me for some reason (im guessing its because I uninstalled some apps after I rooted)

I need to get to 2.3.3 before I have a go at this kernel don't i?

I can comfirm it works on 2.3.2 rooted uk

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Joined: 04/10/2012 - 08:13

Hmm... I wonder if it'd be possible to include a recovery into the kernel, like the CM7 Kernels have...

DooMLoRD's picture
Joined: 02/29/2012 - 04:20
Flashed and boots up normally Camera still works, wifi still works. SetCPU still showing 1516MHz as I had it set before. All apps seem normal.

Tested 'Reboot into Recovery' using your Xperia Reboot app. Success!!


ok now do some checking...

power off device
power on device and immediatelly keep pressing the back button check if u can enter recovery (PLEASE report if it works)
if that doesnt work no worry
get into OS use my app Xperia Reboot app and "reboot into recovery"
test out the options like take backup

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Joined: 03/25/2012 - 00:10

I can't get the new V2 kernel to go to recovery at all now even your app just reboots the phone when i tap reboot to recovery

DooMLoRD's picture
Joined: 02/29/2012 - 04:20
Hey awesome work guys

I have a problem with my xperia play at the moment. I just flashed FTS v05 and then i flashed this kernel (v.1)

Everything works fine except for my home and my search button. Both dont seem to perform the way the are supposed to. The home-button still unlocks the phone but it doesnt return me to the home screen when im in some app.
The search button doesnt do anything at all anymore... any ideas what i could do to fix this?

regards Cyma

the kernels are ment for stock SE 2.3.3 ROMS...

can anyone else confirm the same behavior on Stock 2.3.3 ROM?

axiomjunglist's picture
Joined: 04/10/2012 - 08:16

Pre-installed Superuser app and su access = awesome! Nice work DooMLoRD!

Glad to help!

_terror_'s picture
Joined: 04/10/2012 - 08:19
Then you haven't unlocked your bootloader. You can unlock it if your phone was bought sim-unlocked, but be informed that unlocking your bootloader means:

1) losing official updates.
2) losing TrackID for good.
3) wiping your /data partition, that is, losing your installed apps and their settings.

then i pass thank you