Like the title says, this is a work in progress and i'm releasing the zip for 4.2.1 for LaNightv9.x. I don't want anyone flashing previous LaNight flash this by mistake thus a new thread. This is a thread for android 4.2.1 only.

LaNight is a pure AOSP build, meaning it is NOT CM or built from CM source, so please do NOT ask for CM features. However, it does use device/hardware files from CM and rest from its own build.. so any device specific problems that is in CM may or may not be in LaNight. If you don't like "pure" AOSP, move on.

- Android 4.2.1 JellyBean
- Pawtip kernel for 4.2
- Build.prop tweaks
- init.d tweaks
- Galaxy Nexus Tweaked HW Acceleration
- New CM10.1 partition
- Speed and Cleanness of AOSP
- GPS Hack
- KC1 modem
- Stock Fonts
- And a lot more stuff!

What's working:
- Camera
- Logcat
- Sound
- Surface flinger
- Media Scanner
- Touch
- Phone
- Internal Storage
- Tether
- Slight problem with Virtual Operators and roaming
- Bluetooth
- Everything
- Settings -> Storage FC
- Mount Ext SD to PC
- WiFi
- Data

What's not working:
- Nothing i could find

- v9.2.1 Download is HERE
- v9.3 Download is HERE
- v9.4.1 Download is HERE

- Potential WiFi fix for people that don't have their WiFi working from HERE (DO NOT FLASH IF IT'S WORKING!)
- WiFi Fix from paw tip(I don't know what he did there to fix it in his ROM)
- Clock font fix

Screen shots

Recommended flash procedure:
- Keep a copy of efs folder for security
- Reboot into recovery
- Make a nand backup before you proceed
- Wipe data/ factory reset
- mount and storage -> Wipe System/cache/data/datadata
- Wipe cache/cache partition
- Advanced -> Wipe dalvik cache
- Wipe voltage cache (If the option is given)
- devil -> run clean NStools options
- devil -> run clean init.d directory
- install rom zip from sdcard
- install rom zip once again if it boots you back in recovery (It's flashing kernel/recovery/partition if it finds an incompatible partition)

Required Set up:

- Settings > developer > background process limit > at most 2
- Settings > developer > Force 4x MSAA

Special thanks to:
Whole CM10 Team
Pawtip (For first functional AOSP)
Derteufel (For the kernel and first AOSP rom)
Elitemovil(For the first 4.2 port)
mkalter (HW acceleration)
mikel.canovas & H3llstorm(For GPS hack)
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First off, big thanks to TheBeano and Midas5 for teaching me about UART, decompiling bootloaders and figuring out how the OM values work. Their initial work and dedication in "Lets Save Some Bricks" inspired me greatly. Since the work started we've analyzed UART outputs, hacked the heck out of the SBL prompt, obtained both decompiled and source for bootloaders, and generally learned a **** ton about our devices... Mind you, that's a Metric **** ton, not the Imperial **** ton, which is equivalent to nearly 2000 assloads. The reason I'm branching this operation at the current point is because this modification is specific to our device. The proper modifications for other Samsung devices have not been identified yet. We're first! Yay! We need to focus on Captivate firmware development now. The firmware may encompass all GalaxyS models as well, but this modification will only work on the Captivate.

I'm not kidding when I say UnBrickable. Modifying the OM pins means you can boot from USB, UART or MMC. This makes the phone quite UNBRICKABLE. There is nothing you can do software wise to prevent the device from booting into this mode. We are communicating with the unrewritable, efused IROM on the processor. It's the thing that makes the system on a chip into a "system on a chip".I am here now to tell you how to turn your Samsung Captivate into a KIT-S5PC110 development board. The KIT-S5PC110 development board is the platform used to develop our phones. There are some differences between this mod and the official development platform. The S5PC110 has a removable internal SDCard and no touchscreen.

Why would you want to do this? When you plug in the battery and connect it to the computer in "off" mode, it will become an S5PC110 board awaiting download of a program to run. This occurs long before anything like software or firmware enters the processor. This is the IROM of the device awaiting commands or a power on signal.

Because it is accepting a memory flash, anything may be put onto the device to perform a boot sequence..... Apple iOS (iPhone4 has the same processor) WP7 (mango supports this processor).

This will be a replacement for JTAG once we are able to make some firmware. How could it possibly be better then JTAG? Let's count the ways....
1. The only part required is a wire.
2. No shipping time.
3. No cost for a box to interface the computer.
4. Permanent.
5. Can be done as a preventive measure.
6. Gives the ability to test new Bootloaders temporarily.
7. Allows development of the entire system.
8. Removes worry about flashing and acts as a backup.

After performing this mod:
Remove the battery, replace the battery, your phone will connect to the computer via USB and await commands. Otherwise it will pretty much act like a captivate. See the Special Instructions section.


You will need:
1. Get someone who knows what they're doing with a soldering iron. If they don't know what flux is, then they don't know what they're doing. You can send me a PM(my username or Connexion2005(aka Note: I do not work for/with
2. soldering iron - make sure it's sharp, if it's not sharp, then sharpen it, flux it and retin it.
3. flux
4. solder
5. tweezers
6. A relay (for the wire contained within)

getting started:
You will need a very small peice of wire. Tear apart the relay unravel the coil within and grab about 12cm~ of wire. The fact that it comes from a relay is important because relays generally have very small wire which are individually treated with a non-conductive coating.

Take the 12cm~ wire from the relay and tin the very edge of it. No more then 1/32". If you tin more then 1mm, cut off the excess. It is desirable to have a slight bit of excess solder on the tip of this wire.

performing the modification:
1. tear apart your phone... remove 6 #0 phillips screws from the back. Two of them are under the battery slide flap. The slide flap must be up on one end and down on the other in order to get to these screws... Don't LIFT the slide flap, just rotate it at an angle. Once the 6 screws are out, then you can separate the back from the front. Make sure to take out your SIM and external SDCard before you do this.

2. remove the mainboard... there's a single screw and 5 connectors which require removal. Remove them. Pull the board out and place it on your workspace

3. remove the EM shield from the processor side.

4. remove the OM5 resistor in the picture below. It's coated in glue. I've found the best thing is to just coat the area in flux and let it do the work while prodding with the iron to move the resistor out of place.

5. Connect the active side of xOM0 resistor to the active pad on OM5's resistor pads.

6. reassemble the phone.

Special Instructions
This replaces the battery charging sequence. The normal battery charging sequence can be activated by holding power for 4 seconds.
To turn on the device, and operate in normal mode, you must hold the power button for 5 seconds.
3 button Download mode works as usual, however you must not have the S5PC110 drivers installed on the computer. You can use your custom rom menu option, adb reboot download, or use a terminal to "reboot download". 301Kohm Factory Mode JIGs work as well, but you must press power to bypass the S5PC110 mode.


Congratulations. You now have a device which works like a KIT-S5PC110 with an OM Value of 29. Now get to developing some serious custom software. See here for setting up the UART output

reading material
Creating your own Samsung Bootloaders:
KIT-S5PC110 manual:
how to use DNW:
Flash using openOCD and DNW:
another DNW example:
ODroid dev center:

drivers and utilities
This will be an ever expanding list
Windows Drivers
Windows Download Tool DNW:
Windows Command Line tool:
Linux DNW Utility:
Linux Detector tool:
Linux Automated UnBricker:

Bootloader Hello World by Rebellos
UnBrick tool
replies: 384
The Avatar Team is proud to present:

Avatar ROM
CM based ROM for Samsung Captivate (ICS for now, JB rolling out in coming weeks)

Love the minimal feel of CM? Love the themeing capability of MIUI?
The Avatar team brings you, both combined in one ROM. Now enjoy beautiful MIUI themes on Cyanogen base.


Android ICS 4.0.4 (JB update coming very soon)
Kernel Version: 3.0.36-Cyanogenmod-g632456b
Baseband version: 19023XXkl1

Our Changes:
The platform for avatarrom as of now is CM9.1. The following components are changed on top CM9.1.
Status BarToggles page to contain controls for toggles
Fixed memory leaks

Theme ChooserHas an online theme server - head here and download cool MIUI converted themes. Orginal themes coming soon.
Changed the layout
Added previews

Bazooka Launcher (market link)Own launcher which is an enhanced version of Trebuchet (you can download this at the end of this post)
Enhanced theming by adding dockbar
Preview mode to edit workspaces

Messaging AppChanged message thread to make them themeable

Boot AnimationA beautiful boot animation - will be made themeable in upcoming versions

SettingsChanged statistics to point to Avatar statistics server
OTA updater - you can check for updates to Avatar right from your device
Changed to support Avatar ROMs
Support for Gapps - download latest Gapps package as an OTA update

FrameworkIntegrated with ACRA Error Reporter for system wide crashes

LockscreenChanged to make them themeable
Support for complex unlock gestures

Coming Soon:
Port to JellyBean.
Layout Theming – Changing a theme changes the entire layout of an app!
Font Support – As you apply the theme the fonts will change.
Boot Animation – Boot animations change with themes

Download Avatar ROM for Samsung Captivate
We also have ROM for Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, S II, Samsung Galaxy SIII i9300, HTC One X (International,AT&T) (will update with links and more devices soon)

Sample Video - checkout our MIUI style lockscreens, statusbar, messaging, etc and the smooth transition of themes:


Known Issues:
Notification page has some gap at the botom of the screen
With some themes, in status bar signal type of 'H','3G' is not clear
When the number of toggles is anything other than 12 then toggles page does not look good.
Very rarely, Launcher crashes when applying themes continuously for a long time
In Lockscreen, music widget does not display the correct song details
Please let us know in this thread if you find any other issues.

Feature request page -
replies: 8
Try One-Click UnBrick... If that doesn't work:
Try "3 button combo".. If that doesn't work:
Try a "301k Factory Mode jig"... If that doesn't work:
Try UnBrickable Mod (if available on your platform)
If you require additional help, send me a private message, we can work something out.

I've been working on stopping the bricking problem on our phones for a while now.
Ever tried JTAG unbrick recovery?--superhuman soldering skills no longer required for JTAG
Developing methods to recover bricks without JTAG - I keep this updated with current information as it develops.
ALL JIG VALUES here! --this will give you some resistor values to try
Altered water damage indicators --um... just in case you lick your battery and need warranty replacement
The Galaxy S Hack Pack--A compilation of resources for Galaxy S Phones.

I wanted to write some software which will help the user to understand what they are doing.. So I began the Heimdall One-Click project. Heimdall One-Click is not yet finished, but the Unbrick is complete. Heimdall One-Click is based on binaries from another Open-Source project, called Heimdall by XDA member Benjamin Dobell.

About One-Click UnBrick

This Software:Will work on all Samsung devices which use Odin3
Is a single, portable executable
Is the first one-click anything for our devices on Linux
Works on Mac
Works on Windows
Is open source
Is programmed in Java
Deploys and installs Heimdall for your OS
Is super easy to use.... Only one button!

Demonstration video:

Image captured on Ubuntu 11.04:

This software is completely safe. It is a part of my Heimdall One-Click project. I wanted to release this to work out any cross-platform difficulties which may be encountered before I release Heimdall One-Click.

1. Copy OneClick.jar to your Desktop-- or any other folder on your computer, It won't work on a network share.
2. Double click. -- As long as you have Java installed On Linux and Mac you are up and running.

For some versions of Windows as a work around to UAC (User Access Control, the annoying popups), a executable called "OneClickLoader.exe" has been deployed to the same folder as OneClick.jar. It is important that you do not rename OneClick.jar until after runnning OneClickLoader.exe
3. right click OneClickLoader.exe and select "Run as Administrator" -- Setup should be run-of-the-mill.


Originally Posted by Fate-Silver

It works with all softbricked condition basically.

Stuck in a boot loop?
Is it still able to boot into CWM(Recovery Mode) or Download Mode.
If it's still able to go back into Download Mode, you don't need this software.
Just turn your Captivate into the Download Mode and flash back to STOCK Eclair or Froyo using Odin 1 Click or whatever similar.

Problems and Comments
If you would like to comment on something post here on XDA
If you're unsure of something, post here on XDA
If you have a show-stopping bug, please use this form:
This is a list of all bugs reported:

I am very interested in feedback. If you would like to test this, just put your phone into download mode and click the unsoft brick button. It will simply reboot your phone. It will not flash any firmware and it does not have the capability to do anything except release the locks which prevent a phone from booting if they are present.

Click Here to Download One-Click UnBrick 10July11 from GoogleCode
You will need Java installed on your computer: Do you have java?

Disclaimer: All materials presented are for informational purposes. This content is not an authorization, advertisement, nor a suggestion to flash your phone with custom firmware. In no event shall I be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, spcial, exemplary, or concequential damages, including but not limited to loss of data, business interruption or damage to equipment. This information is released AS-IS with no written or express warranty or liability.
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These kernels are provided as-is without warranty. I'm not responsible for any problem you can encounter with your phone or if your cat suddenly dies.
Although, don't expect support even if I will eventually help since I love cats.

Note : These kernels are only compatible with CyanogenMod 9 based roms.
Use them on any other rom at your own risks.

Overview :
- 3.1.9 linux base
- LiveOC
- Custom Voltage
- Battery Life eXtender
- DIDLE v2
- Voodoo Sound 10
- PMFAST mode for best wifi performance
- USB host mode support
- Various tweaks for more speed and battery saving


By default, no overclock/undervolt is applied.

You'll need NSTools to use/enable all the features of this kernel. (Available for free on the Android market)

Glitch kernel (CWM flashable only)Glitch Kernel Updater app now available on the Android market to support us !Captivate:

- 23/01/2012 - V14 B6Other supported devices : Captivate, Vibrant, Telus Fascinate, Verizon FascinateOLDER RELEASESLIVE OC GUIDEFAQ, ChangelogsDo you want to discuss on this kernel, get the fresh news on development, or become a kernel tester ?

Join the IRC channel from your web browser here ! No registration needed
Make sure the channel is "#glitchkernel" and you're set.

For those who already have an IRC client,
here is the server :
port : 6667
Channel : #glitchkernel-------------------------
Source :
- Glitch repo :

Who is the Glitch team ?
- Kernel developement : ssewk2x & Tk-Glitch.
- Public relations / web hosting : Sixstringsg.
- App developement : Smasher816.
- Extreme overclocking testing : Shaolin95
- Beta testers team, with members coming and leaving

Credits :
Pawitp, jt1134, Morfic, Ezekeel, Zacharias.maladroit, Supercurio, lippol94, sztupy, Eugene373, Franciscofranco

Thanks to the donators and everyone bying the Glitch Kernel Updater app from the market, it's much appreciated and encourages us to continue our work !

Thanks to the beta testers team and to everyone helping me to debug and find new useful things to integrate !

Without all of you, this kernel wouldn't be !
replies: 996

* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
This is a build of Android JellyBean 4.2 from AOSP source code based on the CyanogenMod device tree for Samsung Galaxy S I9000. I have made this build to gauge how difficult it would be to port JellyBean 4.2 to current devices. In its current state, I consider this stable enough for daily use.

Kernel Source Code:
Other source code: See CM GitHub/Gerrit

What Works?
Almost everything you can think of, RIL, Data, Wifi, Camera, Audio, GPS, TV-Out, mounting external SD card on PC, etc. See the known issue list below for list of things that do not work.

Google Apps:

Note: this ROM uses the same partition layout as CM10 stable.
Do a Nandroid Backup!
Install the ROM using ClockworkMod Recovery
Optionally install the Google Addon (install it everytime you install the ROM as there is no backup system right now)

Known IssuesNone

Features that are a part of CyanogenMod not AOSP
and thus won't be available in this ROMT9 Dialer
Reboot Menu
Theme Engine
If you want these, use CyanogenMod when it's out!

Change Log
[b]20121209/b]Fixed: Broken SIM PIN Layout
Fixed: Bluetooth input devices not working
Fixed: No deepsleep with bluetooth on
20121205Fixed: no direction arrow in Google Maps
Hopefully fixed: Wifi not working for some users (again)
20121202Enable KSM
Fixed: Wifi not working for some users
20121201 Reverted Wi-Fi changes in 20121126
Fixed: Sim Toolkit (STK) does not work
20121130Fixed: Live Wallpaper does not work
Fixed: Bluetooth not working
20121126Initial release (includes all fixes made on I9000 up till 20121125)

Reporting Bugs

You are allowed to report bugs only in this thread. Note that this is a preview release and non-device specific bugs will not be accepted. The development of this preview will also cease once enough progress has been made in CyanogenMod. Before reporting a bug, please make sure you are running as stock as possible. This means no custom kernel, no custom framework modification, etc. If you are using any of the above modifications, please flash the rom again to get rid of the modifications before reporting.
Grab a logcat right after the problem has occurred. (Please include at least a few pages of the log, not just the last few lines, unless you know what you're doing.)
If it is a random reboot, grab /proc/last_kmsg. (Do not bother getting a logcat unless you can get it just before the reboot. A logcat after a reboot is useless)
Remember to provide as much info as possible. The more info you provide, the more likely that the bug will be solved.

CyanogenMod and all previous contributors and maintainers of the device.
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Many thanks, to pawitp, FaultExeption, Jt1134, be18 and all the other people who commit to gerrit. without these, this rom wouldn't be possible

you can find the official website for this projekt here

you'll find download links and faq on this site.

IRC channel:

Install instructions:

coming from any other rom:
- make sure to have gingerbread bootloaders
- flash
- reboot recovery
- flash again
- flash gapps

if you are coming from a previous version, older than 08/28 your data will get wiped due to new partition layout!
coming from previous version:
- flash

Additional changes, compared to cm10 (this list might not be complete):


- facebook sync integrated
- option to enable high end gfx effects
- possibility to activate and customize navigation bar (color of background, glow effect, transparency)
- possibility to customize statusbar (color of background, transparency)
- transparent lockscreen (taken from paranoid android, coded by jesus david)
- edge swipe navigation (ported from sgt7)
- ability to enable tablet_ui (ported from aokp)
- kill-all button at recents panel (ported from aokp)
- task manger button at recents panel linked to the built-in running apps service
- customizable long-press-back-kill timeout (from 500ms to 3000ms)
- added option to toggle lockscreen styles (jb, ics, gb, eclair, blackberry10)
- option to use sense4 recents panel
- misc settings in settings menu
- added kill-all and taskmanager button to sense4 recents panel
- added the possibility to set lockscreen text/image colors
- added possibility to change the colors of the statusbar toggles
- added option to enable/disable coloring of toggles
- added option to display a small bar below the toggles as indicator for toggle state
- added possibility to display additional volume slider (similar to brighness slider from aokp)

many thanks to:
- be18
- mkalter, who got the first running jb rom
- elitemovil (who was the first who got gsm working)
- stratosk (from who's initramfs i could start build my first jb booting kernel)
- teamhacksung/pawitp for the rom sources
- team nyx who always have good tips for me, if i get problems with my kernel
- SysTem-X for hosting
- Rootax for hosting
- RolluS for hosting
- many thanks also to the other people who have created mirrors

- if i have forgotten you, please pn me
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Welcome to the ONE V DATABASE!
All ROMs, MODs, and more under 1 roof (well, thread...)
Post 1: PrimoU
Post 2: PrimoC
Post 3: Help me with my job XD
PrimoU ROMs
Legend Key: [U] = Updated, [N] = Not updated within 1 month of last update, [X] = Discontinued

======Android 4.1.2======
[U - 31/10/2012] = **dev build** aosp 4.1.2
[U - 29/10/2012] = Android Open Kang Project Jellybean
[U - 29/10/2012] = PACman v14.1 | All-In-One | PA-2.21 | AOKP-B4 | CM10
[U - 29/10/2012] = UJelly GSM+CDMA
[U - 24/10/2012] = CM10 *Unofficial*
[U - 23/10/2012] = PARANOID ANDROID 2.50 [beta]

======Android 4.0======
[U - 16/10/2012] = Cyanogen 9

[U - 31/10/2012] = MIUI ics2.0 (stable)-unofficial
[U - 17/10/2012] = v4.1 2.10.12 [OFFICIAL]

[U - 27/10/2012] = Amazing Sense V1.2 [Full Sense 4.1] [STABLE]
[U - 26/09/2012] = myONEv RC6.0 FX
[U - 19/10/2012] = [port] sensationally3.6 -beta 0.5 release(gsm) stable
[N - 11/08/2012] = SuPrimo v5.0[2.22 RUU][SUPER FAST]
[X - 21/07/2012] = nON-sENsE v1.1
[N - 26/06/2012] = SenseMOD FlashVille v2.0.1 ~~ Full Sense 4 ~~ [3.0 Kernel]
[N - 18/06/2012] = SenseMOD FlashONE v3.0 ~~ [3.0.16 Kernel]
[N - 15/06/2012] = MCR - for the HTC One V
[X - 08/05/2012] = OnePrimo - Fast and stable
[X - 08/05/2012] = OnePrimo - Vanilla ICS

Legend Key: [U] = Updated, [N] = Not updated within 1 month of last update, [X] = Discontinued

[U - 28/10/2012] = SICK KERNEL
[U - 25/10/12] = HELLBOY
[X - 21/10/2012] = [BUILD•7.5]TITANIUM KERNEL™Speed!
[U - 11/10/2012] = Titanium-KISS

PrimoU MODs
Legend Key: [U] = Updated, [N] = Not updated within 1 month of last update, [X] = Discontinued

[N - 15/09/2012] = Beats Mode - Enhanced Beats sound | 1.56 | 2.22 | 1.08 for deodexed roms only
[N - 25/08/2012] = HTC Keyboard with arrows [ link]
[N - 17/06/2012] = Enhanced Quick Settings with Battery bar for One V
[N - 15/06/2012] = XxXPachaXxX Sony Exclusive Pack! | BRAVIA | xLoud | PlayStation Cert.
[X - 19/05/2012] = Change KeyLayout So Buttons Can Act Differently

Please hit Thanks to motivate me to keep working on this Database!
I take no credit for these ROMs/MODs/etc. Thank the devs too
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PER-APP-COLOR, Paranoidandroids newest invention. Define apps in your regular hybrid panel (same that allows you to scale apps individually and choose their interface). See your phone fade into the color definition of your current app, press home or go elsewhere and it fades back. Create as many combinations you like, you can even dabble with opacity. This feature is made possible by our hybrid engine, which is unique to this rom.

To be honest, this is not tablet mode at all! This is the first and only Android rom to feature true Hybrid mode.
This project will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the feel of it.

Donations to Rukin5197
Donations to molesarecoming
to D4rKn3sSyS
to Cyanogenmod

Chose your statusbar style, regular PhoneUI, Nexus7-PhabletUI or a combined TabletUI systembar. Choose from a variety of toggles and toggle layouts, switches, holo-buttons, toggles or icon-text-toggle rows.
Get a ton of features on top of Cyanogenmod’s catalogue. Dabble with opacity, see-through options, eventualy colors, etc.
Our images and graphics are made by a dedicated artist,
Hybrid mode is the heart and soul of paranoidandroid. Forget tablet mode or build.prop changes! Hybrid mode will not break your phone, your apps, your market, nothing will shrink or become unusable. Entire parts of AOSP have been rewritten to make this possible, you will not get anything like it anywhere, this is the only rom on Android capable of these things.
Hybrid mode means you can control the size and the actual layout of any app individually. Keep in mind, apps bring their own layouts, they will display according to your device. That’s why apps like gmail, settings, youtube, camera, chrome, etc., transform completely when you run them on a tablet. This rom allows you to choose whatever layout you like best, we don’t fool around with DPI, we extract the actual layouts from your apk’s and you select them with a tap. Apply and you’re done. No reboot necessary. You can target anything: apps, system components, widgets, launchers, keyboards, statusbars, lockscreen, etc.
Finetune your workspace or apply hybrid settings to all your apps if you don’t like to set them up individually. Individual settings will still override this so you can still get the look you want.
For ease of use you can access hybrid properties in your recents view, this will allow you to quickly review changes. Basic things like recents, toggles, etc. have been made usable across all UI modes.

replies: 113

For everyone that wants to know about the differences between CM10 and AOKP Check this out. Or Here

Donate to me here

* Download ROM and GApps
* Make sure you're running the latest version of your recovery
* Wipe cache/dalvik
* Wipe data (only if coming from another JB ROM / ICS)
* Flash ROM
* Flash GApps
* Boot into Bootloader
* Grab boot.img from zip
* fastboot flash boot boot.img (Or whatever you're boot.img is called)
* reboot
* Press thanks

Not working
* Few Graphics Glitches

*If Play Store doesn't work on first boot, go into Settings>Apps>All and clear data on Play Store and Google Frameworks Services

CM Team
BobHankins (Couldn't have done it without you buddy)
sellers86 - for doing absolutely nothing, I just like picking on you :P
rohan32 for helping with all my noobish problems
everybody I missed


My git files
Simonsimons34's git files
Lloir's git
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